Relationship and Family Counselling

With a broad range of therapeutic approaches, Anne Holloway Relationship and Family Counselling provides tailored clinical interventions to individuals experiencing emotional difficulties in their lives.


Anne Holloway Counselling, Training and Supervision

Anne Holloway Counselling provides clinical supervision and workplace training in family sensitive practice (FSP) to other professionals in the human caring / services professions.


Anne Holloway Counselling
and Training

We have a team of warm, accepting and practical therapists, who bring together years of experience to help you enhance and enrich your life.


Anne Holloway Counselling
and Training

At Anne Holloway Counselling, we believe in the healing power of individuals to overcome past hurt and live the present to the fullest.


Anne Holloway

Relationship and Family Counselling

Supervision and Training

 Anne employs humanistic, strengths-based and systemic approach in assisting people to come up with their own unique healing and coping mechanisms.

Anne is passionate about her work and is devoted to pursuing excellence in assisting individuals and families to bring about positive changes in their lives. Anne understands the unique nature of each client, and subsequently, assist them with strategically tailored approaches.

Our Services

Relationship and Family Counselling

Couples Counselling

Revitalise the essence of love, establish better communication, and build stronger connections by revisiting the strengths and areas of development in your relationships.

Behaviour problems

Handling behavioural problems can be extremely difficult and challenging. We provide counselling services to help you and your loved ones deal with such problems.

Depression and Mental Illness

At  Anne Holloway Relationship and Family Counselling, we assist you in navigating the path to Recovery, discovering the knowledge and skills required to improve your mental health well-being. Meeting challenges with greater confidence.

Managing Stress 

Using a broad range of therapeutic approaches, our individual training sessions provide you with a safe and confidential environment to manage the stressors in your life.

What Our Clients Say

Anne is a very caring counsellor – she is a good listener and really hears what is being said and what is not being said. Highly recommended.

"After seeing so many therapists, Anne is the first to make me feel at ease and listened to. I never feel judged in any of the sessions, which allows me to open up. I attribute the progress I've made inter- and intrapersonally to both the individual and family sessions. Anne uses her vast knowledge of familial dynamics coupled with the context of the family sessions in our one-on-one sessions, contributing to the therapeutic process and progress.

Anne has helped me in ways that no other therapist has been able to".

“I and my whole family have all had consultations/therapy with Anne Holloway and have found all of our sessions to be very helpful! Anne has a very friendly, frank and measured disposition and I would recommend anyone who requires counselling to seek her help. I can’t recommend Anne more highly.”

We heard about Anne from friends. My partner and I were going thru some difficult stuff following the birth of our first baby. Seeing Anne was the best thing we did. Our relationship is much better following a few sessions of counselling.

Anne is very caring, intuitive and assuring. Recommend to my friends and family.

Supervision and Training

Through our professional supervision and training, we offer practical learning opportunities for Training participants who want to explore various clinical practice issues.

Take time to reflect on the challenges, and develop advanced professional counselling skills.  Enhance and take away new ideas in Relationship and Family Counselling practice.

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