You can make an appointment with Anne for Counselling in the areas of:

  • Relationship and Family Life Adjustment Issues
  • Loss and Grief through separation, divorce and death of a loved one.
  • Adult Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health Issues*
  • Child/Teenage Behaviour problems
  • Child and teenage Depression, Anxiety, Self- Harming Behaviour.
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Stress Management (Work and Personal).
  • Employee Access Programme (EAP) – Anglicare Employees and their families.

*Mental illness has a similar effect to major trauma in the sense that trauma puts extreme pressure on consumers, carers and other family members and on their relationships with each other.

Anne will see Individuals but specialises in Relationship and Family Therapy. Family therapy is a process where two or more members of a family tackle the issues that are affecting the family as a whole.

Family Therapists help family members cope with personal problems as well as how this personal problem may affect other family members and the dynamics of the family’s situation.

By offering a place for family members to open up thoroughly, family therapy can help in creating a more pleasant living situation.

Family therapy can also be effective with families of several generations: as generation gaps can often cause rifts and misunderstandings between family members.

This might mean that we include grandparents, aunties or any other person that is significant to the family and is seen as part of the family system.

Anne is passionate about working with clients and their families and believes that the counselling process assist in improving better communication in clients’ relationships and/or family members; help individuals and families’ create spaces to heal past hurts and live more in the present; find collaborative solutions to clients’ problems through the counselling process and for clients to find their own Recovery and improve overall mental wellbeing for individuals and family members.

 “I have yet to meet a person who’s able to grow emotionally via intellectual growth. True emotional growth occurs only as a result of experience. Nothing worth knowing can be taught. Insights and understanding happens only as a result of experience.”

(Carl Whitaker, Psychiatrist and Family Therapist)

It is not that something different is seen, but that one sees differently. It is as though the spatial act of seeing were changed by a new dimension.” 

Carl Jung

“Therapy can assist a person re-experience the past in the present and then rework it in a safe and supportive ‘container.’ This can sometimes be powerful enough to create new, supplemental memories …. ‘Therapy’ does not erase bad memories or even neutralise them…… Instead therapy may offer fresh options – an alternative memory in which your basic human needs are met and your sense of self can be enhanced..”

(Paraphrasing – The Body Keeps The Score; Bessel Van der Kolk)